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ph clock

2 homes
  • 2014

edition: New York | Nowy Sacz
plywood, aluminum, inkjet transfer, clock movements.
16 / 1AP


L 25 / H 12 / D 4 (cm)
L 10 / H 5 / D 1.5 (inches)


this handmade clock was created to evoke the experience of those who have one life in a new place, and are forever connected to a life still lived that is somehow now a memory, not forgotten. clocks have long been the site for experimentation, technical ingenuity and fine design, and this exciting example of modernist horology is no less.


featuring twin clock movements, this clock shows two photographic images of the zones, applied onto aluminum plate using a traditional inkjet transfer method, within an oak plywood frame.


ph clock:2homes is available in the following editions:
LA|NY, NY|London, NY| Berlin, NY|Tokyo


also available in customized versions on commission.

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