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Ph Coffee Table

from Ph Collection
  • 2014

glass, digital negative, aluminum


H 50cm | 19.75 inches
L 142cm | 47.25 inches
W 60cm | 23.5 inches

PH Coffee Table is one of a series of functional objects from designer Maciej Markowicz’s Ph Collection, inspired by the role of light in photography.

Ph Coffee Table is constructed of glass, aluminum and digital negatives of drone photographs of New York City. The artist meticulously places the sheets of film between panels of safety glass. The layered images create a cartographic etching like grid pattern with a bird’s eye view of the metropolis. Light permeates through the negative, and projects a blurred, distorted image within the frame’s shadow. This kinetic quality is paired with the contrasting play of texture between the painterly photo imagery under glass and a minimalist aluminum base.

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