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ph night lamp

  • 2014

copper coil, unexposed 35mm color negative, fishing line, led light strip, switch with dimmer


edition: ‘exposing coils of the time’

16+1 AP


L 45.7 / W 30.5 / H 53.4 (cm)
L 18 / W 12 / H 21 (inches)



when a light it casts a spectrum of light and shadow that in itself becomes in situ art piece, luminous and kinematic.
light streams through the sprocket holes of the 35mm negative film strip and casts spiral shadows to its surrounding interior, literally exposing the unexposed film to light and breaking the principle rules and terms of photographic material. the work is in response to the use of materials, of industry and process, and is a kinetic moving working artwork in the sense that it projects a series of patterned lighting with an element of steampunk.


metaphorically the film is exposing in infinite time, and for the duration of the given existence of the object. the physical results of such an exposure are never to be seen, as the film will never be developed.

the removable lamp hood core is made from copper coil of 1/4’’ thick, to which unexposed color negative is hand stitched with fishing line.

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