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ph side table

  • 2014

edition: “the blue memories of hometown”

glass, digital negative, aluminum

16+1 AP



L 61 / W 61 / H 50.8 (cm)

L 24 / W 24 / H 20 (inches)



idioms from traditional print photography and digital imaging and artisan-designed furniture meet in this inventive handcrafted aluminum table.


this work reflects an autobiographical narrative, it is a view of the artist’s hometown, taken by a drone, the image was found on the internet and manipulated by the artist to resemble a cyanotype print, an embodiment of a blueprint, a hallmark of memory.


the handcrafted work is made when a digital negative is inserted between two pieces of glass and cleverly revisits the principles of the photographic enlarger.


the magic of this kinetic piece happens when a beam of light penetrates the digital negative, projecting a blurred ghostly image within the casted frame of the shadow.

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