collected remnant

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    Collected Remnant No.01 Nowy Sacz, Dec 24th 2011, 9:44 am 35 mm Zorki-4 Camera, 11x14 Inches Wooden Camera, 1 Kodak Color Paper Box, 43 Books, 12 Notebooks, 2 Dvd's, 3 Wines, 4 Wine Boxes, 1 Wine Glass, 1 Tea/Coffee Cup 1 Red Plate 1 Suitcase, 1 Carton Box, 7 Workbooks, 8 Archival Film Negative Holders, 1 Double Air Bed, 3 Metal Boxes, 127 Vintage Family Photographs, 1 Wooden Chair, 1 Black Velvet Jacket, 1 Photographic Print: 'Self Portrait with Milena' Silver Emulsion on Canvas, Unique Hand Print, Dated: 18 April 2008 40x80 Inches

    Collected Remnant No.02 Buschwick, May 11th 2013, 7:12 pm. 1 Yamaha Clavinova- digital piano 1 Desk Lamp with Daylight fluorescent bulb 1 Wooden Stool 1 Avocado Tree (6 months old) in brown ceramic pot 1 Collapsible Reflector Disc 1 Archival Pigment Print titled: Workshop Table No.08 from series Accidental Accumulations 1 Portrait with Ilva painted by Marcy Rosewater 1 44” Brilliant Museum Inkjet Paper - SilverGloss Natural 1 Women purse 1 Large size Umbrella 1 Polaroid Camera- Mini Portrait 1 Agfa 8 x10 (boxed) 1 Tent (3 persons) 1 Spalding NBA- basketball 1 Sleeping Bag 1 Desk Lamp 1 Nikon FG (35mm) 8 Cartoon Boxes (various size): shoes, winter clothes, photographic archive, photographic portfolio, various folders, documents, etc 1 Portfolio Bag A1 with various fine art prints 1 Working B&W Print of Xi Chen 1 Ilva’s book (a model portfolio) 1 Cotton bag 1 Foldable Table (square) 1 Two hand/cabin bags (black) 1 Two large bags. (black) 1 Travel bag 1 Bicycle Scaccante (white) 1 Bicycle Helmet (white) 1 Bicycle Lock (chain) 1 44” box (post inkjet paper) with various rolled prints. 1 Full Size Mattress 1 Full Size bed frame.

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    archival pigment prints
    2011 (ongoing)


    40×50 inches
    edition of 16 / 2 ap



    collected remnant

    an example of the considerable range of the artist, this artfully constructed ongoing series on images are in fact a ghostly assemblages comprised of mundane objects. this work has a sense of memory, loss, narrative and poignancy of an ordinary life. lives in the constant flux, only seen in tiny snippets, a favorite old cup, boxes, well thumbed books and piles of old photos.


    these memories have consumed the viewer’s imagination and have transformed into an enigmatic and evocative in situ installations. one thinks of many things, totems, motifs, artifacts, memories, perfection and balance of colour and form. and yet, the process behind this ongoing series is quite simple, every time the artist moves his collected belongings are photographed outside.

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