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    Anabelle and Hissa
    picture taken: 2012 couple since: 2010 broke up: 2013






    Agnieszka and Grzegorz Markowicz
    couple since 2001, married since 2013


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    Archival Pigment Prints (Diptych)
    Edition of 6 / 2 AP


    “The way in which each sees the other confirms his own view of himself.”

    John Berger


    This series reflects a crisis of understanding and meaning experienced at the end of a relationship. I found myself unsure of the mechanics of love and attraction and wanted to present a visual inquiry of the way such things work.


    This ongoing visual investigation asks questions that are in some way unknowable, but fascinating all the same. What attracts us to each other? What makes us want to talk to somebody we just saw on street, bookshop, subway, gallery or supermarket?


    Certainly, psychology and science have been studying this subject for decades. One of the ideas that I found intriguing is the assumption that people are more attracted to others with similar qualities (personality, look and even mannerisms).


    The fundamental concept that may support the idea is Physiognomy, which suggests that the outer appearance, especially facial features may be helpful in evaluating a person’s character and morality. As I studied more into the subject I discovered a theory that suggested couples often begin to look even more similar over time, based on the idea that our lifestyle, environment and diet has direct impact on the way we look.

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