everyday imago

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    everyday imago

    8:08 minutes
    3-channel video installation
    color high-definition front projected video (triptych)
    each screen: h 110 x w 73.75 inches


    in this street based project, maciej markowicz questions the temporal and unconscious nature of gesture, particularly in every day life.

    to begin, the subjects are invited to the studio, where they are directed to stand still while making a gesture. markowicz films each subject from three different angles. the subsequent films are presented as triptychs to investigate the sculptural quality of the image.

    this series of film-based portraits plays on the connection between stillness and movement and the point where they almost merge. the artist notes: “we are capable of noticing, understanding and reacting to gestures mostly unconsciously. we produce gestures to supplement our speech and to express what is not possible in words.” the compelling images that result are like a moment of stop motion choreography.

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