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    Daughter, age 12 and Mother, age 44

    Sisters, age 16 and 34.

    Son, age 30 and Father, age-59.

    Daughter, age 16 and Mother, age 58

    Son, age 13 and Father, age 49.

    Daughter, age 4 and Mother, age 28.

    Brothers, age 19 and 30.

    Son, age 19 and Father, age 59.

    Daughter, age 24 and Mother, age 44

    Daughter, age 27 and Mother, age 44

    Daughter, age 44 and Mother, age 75

    Sisters, age 24 and age 27

    Granddaughter, age 14 and Grandmother, age 74

    Daughter, age 14 and Mother, age 44

    Granddaughter, age 25 and Grandmother, age 74

    Granddaughter, age 27 and Grandmother, age 74

    Sisters, age 14 and age 24

    Sisters, age 14 and age 27

    Son, age 29 and Father, age-56

    Son, age 17 and Father, age-56

    Brothers, age 19 and 29.

    Brothers, age 17 and 19.

    Brothers, age 17 and 28.

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    Families since 2008
    (work in progress)


    I grew up hearing how much I am similar to my mother: “You and your mother are like two drops of water.”


    This ongoing project studies the physical similarities and differences that emerge in outward appearance while deeply embedded in our genetics. The artist recounts: “A mother of six, for her this was a constant interest, a habit indulged at every family gathering. This meant studying our similarities, questioning which of us was more similar to the other and where a particular facial feature came from. There is always something new, as we are all constantly changing.”


    This all began with the photographing the male members of his family in 2008, followed by other families. In this series there is a moment of reflection about perceptions, genetics, physiognomy and more. Each photographed person’s eyes are positioned in exactly the same place of the 4 x 5 color negative, and the artist uses the same lighting technique for each photograph, which has the quality of a passport photo. To achieve consistent lighting conditions, he moves a portable studio from place to place, country to country. As well, the subjects are photographed in their own living space and while they are each photographed in front of a seamless white backdrop, their environment creates a subtle colorcast.


    In the first of the series each image was printed in the darkroom from two black-and-white negatives sandwiched together. The newer images are digitally manipulated by superimposing two scanned negatives to achieve the same effect. Each print corresponds to actual size.

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