my father told me

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    My father always promised that he would take

    me there…

    …My father, a self-taught musician, always promised that he would send me to music school, but he never did ‘.


    This project is a visual realization of Markowicz’s unfulfilled childhood dream to become a pianist. Dynamic plays of light, motion and music display a yearning, which has left a long-standing imprint on Markowicz’s visual practice, who recalls that as long as he can remember, he has wanted to visualize the music that inspires him.

    Through this mixed media installation of photography, sculpture and video, the artist explores the possibilities of understanding music within a multi-dimensional experience. The kinetic power of music is expressed in a similarly centrifugal artistic expression, inspiring for its grace and intensity, Wacław Szymanowski’s statue of the great composer Chopin, Warsaw, the echoing of rhythm in the tree boughs of this early 20th century model is the inspiration for Markowicz’ organic botanical patterning and force, the sound, power and strength of music emanating through time and space.

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